Hospital Diets for Select Disease Conditions

Hospital Diets for Patients

One of the responsibilities of a nurse is to inform and implement a diet for patients. Restrictions in food selection, increasing intake of liquids, or even reinforcing NPO status are ultimately helpful to the patient’s prognosis and overall care.

Here’s a simple list to help nurses determine what is the recommended hospital diet and food intake or restrictions to each disease/condition:

Hospital Diets

Disorder/ConditionRecommended Diet
Acid and Alkali IngestionNPO
Acute CholecystitisNPO to rest the gallbladder
Acute Intestinal ObstructionNPO
Acute renal diseaseLow Protein, high-calorie, fluid-controlled, sodium-controlled, potassium-controlled
Chronic renal diseaseLow Protein, low-sodium, fluid-restricted, potassium-restricted, phosphorous restricted
Cirrhosis with hepatic insufficiency or encephalopathyLow Protein, sodium-restricted, fluid-restricted
ConstipationHigh-fiber and increased fluids
COPDSoft, high-calorie, low-CHON, high-fat, small frequent feedings
Dengue Hemorrhagic FeverAvoid dark colored foods
Diabetes InsipidusLow sodium
Diabetes MellitusDiabetic Diet (Well-balanced diet)
DiarrheaLiquid, low-fiber, regular, fluid and electrolyte replacement
Gallbladder diseasesLow-fat, calorie-restricted, high-protein
GastritisLow-fiber, bland diet
Gouty Arthritis and HyperuricemiaLow purine diet
HepatitisRegular, high-calorie, high-protein
HyperlipidemiasFat-controlled, calorie restricted
Hypertension, heart failure, coronary artery diseasesLow-sodium, calorie restricted, fat-controlled
Kidney stonesIncreased fluid intake
MAO-I TherapyTyramine restricted (preserved foods)
Nephrotic syndromeSodium-restricted, high-calorie, high-protein, potassium-restricted
ObesityCalorie-restricted, high-fiber
OsteoporosisIncrease in calcium
PancreatitisLow-fat, regular, small, frequent feedings; tube feedings or total parenteral nutrition
Peptic ulcerBland
Pregnancy and HypertensionLow salt, high calcium diet
StrokeMechanical soft, regular or tube feeding
Systemic Lupus ErythematosusLow salt diet
UnderweightHigh calorie- high protein
VomitingReplacement of fluid and electrolytes



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