Hemothorax and Pneumothorax Nursing Care Plans

A collapsed lung happens when air (pneumothorax), blood (hemothorax), or other fluids (pleural effusion) enters the pleural space, the area between the lung and the chest wall. The intrathoracic pressure changes induced by increased pleural space volumes reduce lung capacity, causing respiratory distress and gas exchange problems and producing tension on mediastinal structures that can impede cardiac and systemic circulation. Pneumothorax may be traumatic (open or closed) or spontaneous.

Nursing Care Plans

Nursing care planning and management for patients with hemothorax or pneumothorax includes management of chest tube drainage, monitoring respiratory status, and providing supportive care.

Below are three (3) nursing care plans (NCP) and nursing diagnosis (NDx) for patients with pneumothorax and hemothorax:

  1. Ineffective Breathing Pattern
  2. Risk for Trauma/Suffocation
  3. Deficient Knowledge
  4. Other Nursing Care Plans

Other Nursing Diagnosis

Here are other nursing diagnoses you can use:

  • Infection, risk for—invasive procedure, traumatized tissue/broken skin, decreased ciliary action.
  • Breathing Pattern, ineffective—recurrence of condition, inflammatory process.

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