5 Funny Things That’ll Tell You’re Friends With A Nurse

Aside from missing lunch outs and movie dates, being friends with nurses is great.

How Nursing Leadership Styles Can Impact Patient Outcomes: An Infographic

Like any workplace, the quality and approach of a leader can have a substantial impact on the quality of work that employees deliver.

Do Female Nurses Suffer From a Lack of Senior Opportunities in the UK?

The 'Assessing the Lack of Senior Opportunities for Women in Nursing' report shows research around the gender imbalance in the healthcare sector and stats on opportunities for women in this field given the competitive gender pay gap.

Care of the Woman with Complications during Labor

When a disease or condition complicates the labor process, it is already up to the skills of the healthcare providers to clear the way for a safe labor despite the painful sensations the woman must go through.

Nasogastric Intubation

For most patients who cannot attain an adequate oral intake from food, oral nutritional supplements, or who cannot eat and drink safely, they may be given proper nutrition via nasogastric tube feeding.

Stages of Labor

Promoting the health of women in labor is one active way of reducing maternal mortality and ensuring universal access to reproductive health services.

Female Reproductive System Drugs

The female reproductive system works in a cyclical fashion and altering the components of this cycle can have a variety of effects to the body. Hormones and hormonal-like agents are primarily the drugs that affect the female reproductive system.

The Pregnant Woman with Special Needs

A pregnant woman who has a special need needs more attention and care than an average woman warrants.
Julie Stroyne

Newlywed Nurse Performs CPR on a Collapsed Woman

A newlywed nurse has rushed to perform CPR on an unconscious woman right after her wedding ceremony - while still wearing her dress in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Pregnant Woman with Physical and Mental Challenges

With the advent of technology, women who are physically and mentally challenged are given more ease during pregnancy and childbirth with the guidance of their healthcare providers.