This nursing exam covers the Essential Principles of Pharmacology, Drug Administration and the Nurse's Role. Test your knowledge with this 20-item exam. Get that perfect score in your NCLEX or NLE exams with this questionnaire.

Condensed facts and key nursing information for the NCLEX-RN

This nursing exam covers the concepts of Nursing Health Assessment and Pain. Test your knowledge with this 30-item exam. Get that perfect score in your NCLEX or NLE exams with this questionnaire.

This is an NCLEX practice quiz about the Gastrointestinal and Biliary systems. Topics Gastrointestinal System Biliary System Peritonitis Questions In Exam Mode: All questions are shown in random and the results, answers...

This nursing exam covers the concepts of homeostasis, fluids and electrolytes. Test your knowledge with this 30-item exam. Get that perfect score in your NCLEX or NLE exams with this questionnaire.

20 brilliant tips and strategies for every NCLEX exam takers.

Here are the results for the November 2014 Nurse Licensure Exam (NLE).

This article will tell you how to interpret ABGs in the easiest possible way. And once you have finished reading this, you’ll be doing actual ABG analysis in the NCLEX with fun and excitement!

Manila, PHILIPPINES - The Sandiganbayan, a special appellate collegial court of the Philippines, on Monday sentenced a former member of the Board of Nursing of...

We've come up with the list of the top 15 highest paying nursing jobs and careers based on their average annual salaries.

TTM Healthcare Group in cooperation with a Philippines agency would be interviewing nurses for The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust on the last week of January or first week of February.

The American public say nurses have the highest honesty and ethical standards according to the annual Gallup poll of trust in professions.

Lets take a look at the list of the best 40 gift ideas you can buy for a nurse!

Here are some extreme tips and advice from nurses who have been in your shoes. Always keep in mind that these keys may vary for each individual. There are some general propositions which hold true.

For people who want to study, work or migrate to countries where English is spoken as a first language, taking the IELTS exam is almost always mandatory.

Getting the client's response or the way you communicate with them are mainstay of the local boards, be it the NCLEX or the NLE.
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This nursing exam covers topics about personality, mood disorders, and suicidal behavior. Accomplish this 25-item exam and do good in your NCLEX!

This is a visual guide to understanding blood pressure and how it works.

“Tell me how you feel”. A very common question every nurse asks every patient. Each time we go on duty we shift into auto mode.
How to Display Your Nursing Credentials

Here's our guide for nurses on how to properly display your nursing and non-nursing credentials.
Patient Positioning for Nurses NCLEX Cheat Sheet

Here's a list of the common patient positioning for different conditions, diseases, and nursing procedures.

This nursing exam covers topics about stress, anxiety, and mind-body disorders. Don't miss this 25-item exam and soar high in your NCLEX or NLE exams .

A 4-year-old girl battling cancer got to "marry" the man of her dreams—her favorite nurse!

Jimmy Fallon thanks his doctors and nurses after a grueling hand injury that puts him in the ICU for 10 days.
That One Patient With a Bullet on His Lungs

There will always be that one patient that nurses will always remember…