The 10 Rights of Drug Administration

There are many ways to prevent medication errors and one way of which is understanding the 10 "rights" of drug administration:

Code of Ethics for Nurses in the Philippines

The Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses in the Philippines is promulgated by the Board of Nursing (BON) and was consulted with accredited professional organizations like the Philippine Nurses Association.

The Need-to-Knows of a Future Nurse [Infographic]

Are you thinking about a career as a registered nurse? This essential information will help you on your patho to becoming a successful RN.

Electroconvulsive Therapy Exam Questions (25 Items)

This is a 25-item exam about the process behind electroconvulsive therapy -- an important procedure and a must-know in psychiatric nursing.

Ultimate Guide to Head-to-Toe Physical Assessment

Physical assessment is an inevitable procedure not just for nurses but also doctors. Establishing a good assessment would later-on provide a more accurate diagnosis, planning and better interventions and evaluation, that's why its important to have good and strong assessment is. Below is your ultimate guide in performing a physical assessment. You might want to print a copy and bring it during your hospital duty, making your physical assessment better and more accurate!