5 Hospitalized Child Nursing Care Plans

The smoothness of transition from home to the hospital relies on how well the child has been prepared for it and how the child's physical and emotional needs have been satisfied.
Active Shooter Situation Preparedness for Nurses

Active Shooter Situation Preparedness for Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Being mentally prepared will help nurses to take action immediately on the “Run, Hide, Fight” continuum and could save your own and other’s lives.
Nurses urged to “Rest, Rehydrate, Refuel” at work

Nurses Urged to “Rest, Rehydrate, Refuel” at Work

A “Rest, Rehydrate, Refuel” campaign has been launched by the Royal College of Nursing in the United Kingdom.

Pope Francis Pays Tribute to the Nurse Who Saved His Life

Pope Francis paid tribute to a courageous nurse who saved his life by standing up to his doctors
Overworked Nurse’s Cry for Help Shakes Government into Action

Quebec Doctors Sign Petition Against Pay Increases in Solidarity with Nurses

A petition by doctors against pay increases, nurses reporting themselves for poor standards of care, pilot projects to determine proper staffing ratios, and a drop in the number of students applying for nursing programs, have all followed in the wake of the stir caused by the overworked Quebec nurse’s cry for help on Facebook in January this year.