3 Precipitous Labor Nursing Care Plans

Precipitous Labor Nursing Care Plans

Precipitous labor occurs when the uterine contractions are so strong that the woman is able to give birth with just a few, rapidly occurring contractions. This kind of labor only lasts for not more than 3 hours. Because the contractions are so forceful, premature separation of the placenta may occur and the woman might feel overwhelmed with the speed of labor.

Nursing Care Plans

The nursing care for patients with precipitous labor revolves around promoting maternal and fetal well-being, prevention of complications, and providing a safe delivery.

Here are three (3) nursing care plans for precipitous labor:

  1. Risk for Deficient Fluid Volume
  2. Anxiety
  3. Risk for Infection

Deficient Fluid Volume: It is defined as decreased intravascular, interstitial, and intracellular fluid.

Risk factors:

  • Loss of fluids through normal routes
  • Forceful contractions
  • Premature separation of the placenta

Possibly evidenced by:

  • Significant blood loss due to premature separation of placenta
  • Decreased electrolyte level

Desired outcome:

  • Patient will identify individual risk factors and appropriate interventions.
  • Patient will demonstrate behaviors or lifestyle changes to prevent development of fluid volume deficit.
Nursing Interventions Rationale
Note client’s level of consciousness and mentation. To evaluate ability to express needs.
Monitor intake and output balance. To ensure accurate picture of fluid status.
Monitor vital signs. To establish baseline data and note changes.
Encourage oral intake. To aid in replacing fluid losses.
Provide supplemental fluids as indicated. Fluids may be given in this manner if client is unable to take oral fluids.
Administer medications as indicated. To restore and rule out any underlying conditions.
Review appropriate use of medications. Those that have potential for causing and exacerbating the present condition.

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